Luxury Pearl Burners

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Our growing range of beautiful tea light burners compliment our luxury wax melts perfectly. 

We have Pearl pink, Pearl Clear + Pearl Bluish Grey 

We also have Electroplated Silver & Electroplated Rose Gold  

Please only use one standard 4 hour tea light with all our burners. as using an 8 hour can cause the burner to crack & overheat!!!

IMPORTANT SAFETY NOTICE: Once tealight is lit inside melter, please handle with care and only handle the base of the melter as the top of the vessel may become extremely hot.

Burner Dimensions:

72mm x 60mm x 12mm

Glass Weight:


So all's you have to do is place one cube in the well of the burner and an unscented tealight in the bottom and let the luxury scents fill your home.