Meet The Makers

Hi! I'm Laura the owner / Maker of LA Aromas I started making wax melts as a hobby in 2018 Me & My Daughter. Soon after i became addicted after i spent so much £££ on new scents i gave some out to family and they absolutely loved them. i ordered the Correct Clp labels and opened my Facebook/ Instagram page and that's when my brand began. LA Aromas was born. i was always in office jobs prior and hated it. I also Started Full Time as a nail Technician at the same time which is another passion of mine, I love clients faces at the end and seeing them every few weeks does so much for you mentally my customers really are my besties. I never imagined that shortly after my sales rocketed my home was slowly turning into a warehouse every room had boxes, Packaging, Ready Made Stock, oils. Christmas was fast approaching the orders where flying in and i couldn't cope any longer doing all this from home especially when i have 2 children, So the hunt began for our first shop i had found one i had a feeling of stomach clenching / Sick Felling but i couldn't carry on from home so i signed the dotted line and the next journey began.... I did an open day and everything was going perfect and then covid happened i was absoutley heartbroken. when we had to close i was sat at home thinking what have i done and what can i do to carry on so i spent months building my own website. i had a quote for someone to build it for me and it was £3000 so i though no i have enough time i will learn and do it myself and i did, I launched the website and it took off straight away, all that hard work long hours in front of my laptop payed off. The website started to grow & grow the making room started to feel cramped i was using my home again to store things. I finally outgrow my first shop i had seen a shop just up the road from me just of the high street and it was an end property looked a lot bigger, so i arranged a viewing a fell in love straight away, i got the keys in November 2021. Work on the new shop started and yes i now have a making room, Packaging room so much space. This is now my full time baby & couldn't be anymore grateful.


Laura & Ellie x